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I have 2000 "friends" and I only need 30 of them to like me.

Social capital is a key driver for online marketing success. Is what I write interesting enough for readers to "like" and "share"? To completely take advantage of social media I set up a company page in LinkedIn, a fan page on Facebook and a new account on twitter. All of them branded like this blog is branded. I will get more into what my online style is all about later but the task at hand is to alert and gather my contacts around and ask for their support.

It took longer than a couple hours to personally reach out to all my contacts. I could have taken advantage of the services provided by these sites to send messages but they would not have been personalized nor would they get into the inboxes as I wanted them to.

In a few days I'll avail myself of those tools as a reminder, but for now, all the messages have been sent and even as I was completing the task the likes and shares were staring to come in from those that were hovering around their computers.

Here's what I did to make the task of sending individual emails less time consuming.

In LinkedIn I went to my contacts and selected each contact one at a time. Then I right clicked on "send a message" and "open in a new tab" I could easily open 30 or 40 tabs at once. After that I pasted my message into the text field and subject field, personalised the greeting adding a personal note on top of some and sent them.

I sent about 100 per hour. Even before I had finished I had 9 followers.

For Facebook, I went to my friends list hovered over their names and clicked on "Message". When the "message"box came up the cursor was in the send field so I simply pasted and hit enter to complete the task. That was about 200 per hour.

(Knowing your shortcut keys sure helps :)

Before I finished I had 20 likes on my Facebook Fan page.

Go ahead to “PUBLICITA Online Marketing” on LinkedIn

and PUBLICITA on Facebook

To see what the counts are now and see for your self how effective this is.

(Don't forget to "LIKE" or "FOLLOW" while you are there.)

Now you may ask why I did this?

First, there are some thresholds that one needs to meet before stats are available to use. Seeding the page will quickly allow me to get the stats and use them for building an audience.

Also, I want to know if my content is relevant to people and be able to modify to their needs. To get feed back I need an audience. Providing that audience with information that is relevant, interesting and valuable will increase my social capital, and position me as a thought leader in Online Marketing.

Want to know more? Make sure you "Like" and "Folllow" because as I go forward marketing PUBLICITA online, I will be giving away all my secrets.

You can have them for free or you can contract me for assistance.

Either way, leave a comment or question below, then back away from the computer and go outside for some fresh air, will ya? It's nice out today.

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