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TORONTO > NIagara (remote/Hybrid/Local)

Career Objective:

A responsible, full-time, remote/hybrid position including (digital) marketing, coordination and development, working with a dedicated team as a highly valued communications expert within an inclusive and well-run organization.


Management experience. Prolific author. Digital master. Savvy marketer.  Entrepreneurial.

Travel OK. Relocation possible.

Niagara to Toronto



Successful career as a Communications, 

Marketing, and Development expert.

Entry Level

Front-line C/S

IT Help Desk

Continuing Education Coordinator

Marketing and Communications Specialist


Storyboards Manager
Marketing Manager 

General Manager
Business Development Manager

Extra Curricular

Theatrical Actor, Producer, Director


Microsoft Office Suites: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.


Content Management Software: HTML authoring; Multimedia Authoring Software (Audio/Visual); Adobe Photoshop/Premier; ZOHO Creator.


Online Marketing: Adwords; Facebook and Google remarketing, Google Analytics and Webmaster tools HubSpot; Hootsuite.

Email Marketing: Constant Contact, Mail Chimp


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  Salesforce Enterprise Administrator.


Project Management: Agile with Atlassian JIRA


ZenDesk Support/Sell:  Domains Administrator, Internet Administrator.


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Employment hIGHLIGHTS

Marketing and Communications SpecialistPUBLICITA Online 

❖ Studio Owner

❖ CRM Manager, SEO expert.

❖ Designed and implemented business funnels and solutions.

Business Consulting; Digital Marketing; Social Media Content; PPC Advertising and Optimization; Copy Writing; Multimedia Production; Video and Animation; Web Authoring

Business Development Support Manager -

Marketing and Communications - Transcom

❖ Prolific content creator (social media, SEO, case studies, white papers, press releases, webinar, surveys, books, videos, magazine length articles, and newsletters).

❖ Responsible for administrating cloud-based enterprise management software (Salesforce).

❖ Marketed Transcom’s range of bundled Customer Relationship Management Solutions.

❖ Generated leads for the sales department through pay-per-click platforms.

❖ Wrote copy for responses to Requests for Proposals et al.

❖ Designed and coordinated tradeshow engagements

❖ Published annual course calendar and authored 12 business courses.

❖ Created and published Quarterly Newsletter.

Publish industry documentation, media producer for an audience of over 20,000 in a global context. Brand and sales manager across various departments with individual and group targets. Responding to award and proposal requests. Authoring and editing. Event Management. Design, develop and deliver continuing education program. First Aid and IAPA Instructor+

Advisor - Tucows (Covid)

❖ Customer-facing tech support sales and administration.

❖ Seconded for marketing Internet services.

Ting Mobile and Internet services advisor, Enom and Hover domains advisor. Headquartered in Toronto. 




Carleton University - Film Studies

B.A. (HONS) School of Studies in Arts and Communication

Concurrently earned 20 credits with the resident theatre company as a Director, Producer, Writer and Performer.


"Today film and video are concretely used as a reflection

of business, its culture and communication

as a primary medium"


Niagara College - Interactive Multimedia

Post-Graduate Certificate Interactive Multimedia

 Selected 1 of 10 top graduate students HIRED to collaborate and create a 500 page state-of-the-art interactive CD-ROM to attract tourism investors to the Niagara Region. Tasked as the Storyboard Manager and contributed my skills in copy writing, videography, animation and graphic design. 


"As an Interactive Multimedia graduate my skills are highly sought-after. Today, everyone is focused on new media theories and practices in a changing digital and media consumption landscape and I help"


Agile By Atlassian Jira


Earned as a commitment to lifelong learning with an eye toward career advancement.

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Board Experience.jpg

BOard Experience

Board of  Directors

St. Catharines and Thorold

Chamber of Commerce

Volunteer duration 2 yrs

Cause: Economic Development

Elected as a local entrepreneur for the premier board of the newly created St. Catharines – Thorold Chamber of Commerce

Council Member

Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Council Member

Volunteer duration 2 yrs 3 mos

Cause: Economic Empowerment

Actively support local business through education, networking and marketing.


Executive Member

Thorold Community Theatre 

Volunteer duration 12 yrs

Cause: Performing Arts

Elected as Treasurer and Member at Large. Recruited for acting roles and main stage director.

Artistic Director

Sock and Buskin Theatre 

Volunteer duration 5 yrs

Cause: Performing Arts

Elected as Artistic Director. Recruited as Actor, Producer and Director






Luci Cudmore, VP Business Development Transcom WorldWide Inc.

 "I highly recomend Dan. He is extremely creative, detail oriented and knowledgeable in all aspects of social media content.


Dan was instrumental in creating highly sophisticated sales support campaigns including e-mail and nurturing programs, webinars and marketing collateral for NuComm/Transcom. "


John Dickhout, Marketing Director NuComm International


"Dan is a dedicated, passionate and collaborative business professional with a strong work ethic, who never backs down from a challenge!


His creativity and excellent organizational and project management skills serve him well. Dan was a highly valued member of my team during the time we worked together, and I would consider it a privilege to work with Dan again."

Réal Bergevin, CEO NuComm/Transcom WorldWide Inc.


"I enjoyed working with Dan. In a very busy world he was someone that I could always count on.


I found Dan to be hard working, reliable, creative and a man of very high integrity."

Employer recommendations


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