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Plan for your Website's Success with These 6 Easy Tips

This week I met with a client and we spent about an hour defining and goals for their website. I thought I’d share with you some of the process we went through.

It is a very important step in your online marketing program because setting goals will help you organize your content and design.

Define a goal and a target audience and you get an idea of what needs to be highlighted on your website to get a prospect’s attention!

Should your website collect email addresses? Get data from forms? Or actually make sales? These are conversion types and you should just choose one.


Hopefully you know your target market. Jot down their age, location and economic status. Are they web savvy? You want to know this because you may have to simplify…


What makes you different? Decide and put it into words.

Special advantages with you above others?

Do a little research with Google Adwords to get an idea of what keywords to use.

I have tools that can do competitive keyword analysis contact me.

Can you offer a special discount or bundle to entice your prospect?

Use it.



If you don’t ask you don’t get. Want a prospect do something? Ask.

Display your “Call-to-action” on a clickable button on your site and next to a big arrow.

These work.

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Set your website's goals and measure its conversions using Google's free web analytics tool, Google Analytics.

Call me (289) 438-7192 to learn more about Google analytics or watch this space.

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