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Does Advertising on Facebook Work? There is Only One Way to Find Out.

Get ready Niagara and Toronto! P U B L I C I T A is about to embark on its grand opening campaign in September. We have been working hard for months to get to this point and now most of our online backstory (websites, blog, signage) is ready. As we have been building networks and getting our look and feel down, we have also been writing regularly and taken feedback to tweek our online persona.

Before opening we'll have our email campaign ready to go and on opening day (TBA) we'll launch our Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. Comparatively, we may not be spending much on the pay-per-click advertising, but we know that for us it is a required avenue of marketing that we cannot afford to ignore.

We want to set a benchmark for all our future online advertising and there is no time like the present to begin collecting data on clicks, keywords and conversions.

For a few dollars a day to start we will be able to see what attracts our customers, what makes them interact with us and with a little analysis, what we should do about it.

We have left some headroom in our budget because we expect to modify the campaign in the middle of its run and may want to invest a little more, here and there.

Notice in our ad below that we do have key words in our ad. Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing are what we do, so that should be in there. For some companies promoting the keywords to the Headline makes sense, especially if you have an easily recognized product like yoga classes or pizza delivery.

In our case an individual might search for online marketing as a concept, but what they really want, (we think) are Ideas, strategies and results. Therefore we allow the reader to make a logical leap when viewing our headline. Will it work? We'll find out, but let's not forget about branding and positioning.

Certainly we want prospects to click on our ad and be whisked to our website. We also want our ad to be visible when we are campaigning with other modes of advertising. The idea being that during the month of September when we are going flat out to reach prospects and sign contracts, we should be very easy to find.

Can you imagine, an online marketing company that wasn't?

Stay tuned for more developments this month as we wind our way to opening day!

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