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7 Easy Steps to Building a Website

When I am introducing myself to clients, I am always asked, "Do you do websites?" The answer is, "Yes, of course," followed by, "Why, don't you have one?"

Websites and blogs are second nature to me and content is something that I am always creating. When I began completing these 50 Tasks for Online Marketing I knew I'd need to redo my website and create some strong tangible marketing materials as well. Now that I am nearing the end of that process, I am going to heave a sign of relief because after two days of design hell, I can put away the web editors the domain servers, the Photoshop and illustrator and relax a little.

Here's are the 7 things to do when you need a website:

Register your domain at GoDaddy. Be creative and don't pay more than $0.99.

Go to for your images or produce your own.

Search out a couple cool fonts for your headings and subheadings.

Make sure your website matches your business cards, matches your signage, matches your posters.

Go to or Wordpress and build your website. Use the free service until you are all buttoned down.

Write some killer copy.

Add your SEO and social tags.

Boom, done.

At the time of writing my website ( is still hiding behind a `coming soon`page. My online marketing strategy is integrated, comprehensive and holistic. A website is good to have but certainly not the end all and be all of an online strategy. Don`t forget I still have 47 tasks ahead of me.

Good Luck with your design work. I suggest you find the best partner you can, Check out their work and be prepared to spend a lot of time and money with them. A good designer is worth his or her weight in golden eggs.

Someone once said (and I think it was me), `The president of a company should not be in charge of marketing``.

Not really an option for Ol`Danno...

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