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Demystifying the virtual world.

The virtual world is just one big filing cabinet. It has always been thus. Some machines, like your desktop computer are better at making files, some machines like your iPad are better for reviewing files.

On February 11th, I will be addressing the networking group BEE Niagara.

I already have the presentation made. But nothing would make me happier than to throw it away

During that talk, I will try and help the membership become better at navigating the often complex world of online marketing.


I can do one of two things. I can deliver my presentation as it is (it’s quite good) or I can go one step farther and collect specific questions about online marketing from you and weave them into my presentation.

Here are some questions people might want the answer to.

How do I get to be #1 on Google?

Does advertising on Facebook work?

How does a search engine work?

Should I make a video?

I am scared of spamming people, what should I do?

Can I get ___________ for free on the internet?

What is a landing page?

What’s the best thing I can do for my website.

You can pick one of the above or write one of your own.

Please take a minute to email your question to me. Someone else might want the answer too.

It will make for a better presentation. (even though mine is good. Quite good really)

Send your questions to


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