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Want your business on the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World.? Make a Video!

NIAGARA RIDE SHARE - Adding video to your mix of website content should be a priority.

Providing content on your website that search engines like is important. Adding video to your site, as an instructional video or an overview or even a funny commercial style video can help you get listed in more search engines.

You Tube is an incredibly important search engine and video helps get you into that game.

When Search engines are embedded in search results they are almost always from major video sites, such as You Tube and Vimeo.

Embedded videos make people stay on your website longer and search engines acknowledge that through higher rankings.

Search engines also take other aspects into consideration, such as how often the video is viewed; viewer ratings; shares; number of comments; subscribers and how often the video is embedded elsewhere.

Take note that your video should be clearly marked with your brand so that when it does appear around the Internet you get credit!

A good tip is to ensure that you use he tagging areas provided by the upload service. That includes a title, description and keywords. Use the field completely by entering a long description with a lot of keywords.

Have you included a link to your website? If the service provides one, put your URL in the link field. You can also put your domain in the first line of the description to ensure people see it.

Finally, encourage commenting from friends and social fans; search engines like this!

You can visit PUBLICITA’s You Tube Channel here and watch a few of the videos I have created for clients on a budget.

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