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Website Appraisal & SEO

Website Master Tune-up. 24+ page report & 2-hour in office consultation.


Is 2021 going to be a better year for your website?



If your company is only interested in using the best practices for online marketing (through your website), you want this road map for increasing your online capital, social collateral and search engine results.


There is no better way to begin than with an appraisal and review of your business’ online properties.

Here is what we offer.

We start by using powerful Internet tools to look deep inside the your business’ website to find out which valuable attributes are working for you, which are failing and which ones need attention.


We look at your visitors, your local and social visibility; your search engine optimization; the usability of your site; use of the technology; design and functionality; and mobile and tablet adaptability.


We analyze and interpret the data for you and then you receive a 24+ page report covering up to 70 different topics, written in easy to read language that you can immediately put to use.

That’s not all.

We deliver your report personally, during a 2-hour expert consultation, where we go over the information, explain what your priorities should be, and answer any questions you may have.


You will be able to take the report directly to your Webmaster or staff for immediate implementation – or you can hire us.


Publicita can advise on expected budgets, strategies and tactics that you will need to ensure your online efforts are rewarded with more visibility, better organic search results and top grade engagement for your prospects.


If you would like more information, we will send you an actual report to evaluate before you buy.


Or check out this review from Kim and Kathy at



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