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Pay-per-click Advertising

The reason Google is Google

When in doubt, get some help.


Plan, budget, execute, test, analyze, report, react. (Repeat)


Comparatively, you may not be spending much on pay-per-click advertising, but you know that it is a required avenue of marketing that you cannot afford to ignore.


PUBLICITA will set a benchmark for all your future online advertising and there is no time like the present to begin collecting data on clicks, keywords and conversions.


For a few dollars a day to start, PUBLCITA will be able to see what attracts your customers, what makes them interact with you and with a little analysis, what you should do about it.


PUBLCITA will react by modifying your campaign in the middle of its run and may recommend investing a little more, here and there.


Certainly you want prospects to click on your ad and be whisked to your website, but what happens when your customer clicks? Is your site meeting expectations? Are you able to analyse what happens after that click, are you increasing conversions over time. Do you know if all this is really worth it?


Pay per click advertising will work for those companies that understand the strategic pathways that are set out for customers and for companies that are able to analyse and adapt.


Please contact PUBLCITA Online Marketing for a free consultation on Pay per Click advertising if you think yours is one of those companies



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