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A Proper Email should be like a Letter From a Friend, not an Interruption in Your Day. 

Email Marketing


Email marketing that is intrusive and unwanted is almost as bad as telemarketing during dinner-time. No smart business would ever do it.
Email Marketing has evolved to the point where it is welcome, and it is valuable. PUBLICITA can show you how to build a prospect list that is responsive to your messages so you can increase customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and sales.
Gone are the days when you would pay for an email blast and hope that 2% of the recipients will even acknowledge your offer, let alone take you up on it.
Cool online marketing concepts like drip campaigns make the difference between active engagement and prospects that have forgotten what you do. PUBLICITA can create messages that are specific to a customers location in a sales funnel and time them for maximum effect.
A true online strategy for email involves your website, your offline activities, your social media and a healthy dose of analytics.
If your email activities do not have a buttoned downs strategy for success, based on solid marketing principles, please contact PUBLICITA Online Marketing for a no obligation consultation and quote.

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