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Break out the blue suit, this is going to be boring.

Do this early, then make great decisions based on data.


Analytics is dull, dull, dull, until done right.


Once established, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing analytics contain so much cool data, that everything else becomes easier - including getting buy-in from management (to do great things like the Conversion Optimization).

Setting up your Google analytics is a specialty of PUBLICITA Online Marketing. Once Conversion goals and funnels are in place your company can make sound business decisions based on historical data.
From there, PUBLICTA will create the custom dashboards that you need to understand what is working in your online strategy and what needs to be changed.
PUBLICITA Online Marketing will help you understand what are the under performing parts of your website and where you need to make changes.
For a free consultation on Google Analytics and a quote, please contact PUBLICITA Online Marketing.

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